Average (Mean) Wellbeing by Demographic Group

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Note: the meaning of ratings may vary by community group a 3 (out of 5) may mean different (better or worse) things to different groups.
PersonalRating is the Cantril Scale (question asked 0-10 but here scaled from 0-5) used with the FutureRating to generate Thriving/Struggling/Suffering https://news.gallup.com/poll/122453/understanding-gallup-uses-cantril-scale.aspx
Optimism and Pessimism are % of answers predicting improved or declining ratings for the future. Higher numbers = more optimistic or pessimistic respectively, max score 100 (%). Not shown are those which remain constant.
Code can be viewed and issues reported at https://github.com/winedarksea/ImagineFoxCities

Wellbeing by Demographic Group

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